The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Professionals

Wheelie bins, Garbage bins, Rubbish bins or Green bins – whatever you call them, we have bin cleaning them since 2001.  Our Perth based bin cleaning service is simple and effective and our prices are affordable.  You may wish to check out the bin cleaning price list or make sure you fall in our bin cleaning coverage area in Perth.  For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us as we are happy to make an arrangement to suit your specific needs.

Why use a Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaner?

How often do you check the interior of your wheelie bins for cleanliness? The answer for most people is as seldom as possible.  If your bin never gets fully empty because sticky stains, We Can Help.  If your bin has become a breeding ground for blow flies, or maggots are growing in the bottom of your bin and then attracting spiders which have webs under and around your bin, We Can Help.  If you value a sanitary household and have decided to look for a professional bin cleaning company in Perth, You Found Us!

Put simply, a filthy wheelie bin is a hygiene risk.  Food remnants, pet waste, used tissues, soiled nappies and garbage of this kind – even if  put in a bag before disposing of them into your bin – make for a very nasty combination.  The last thing you need is cross-contamination back into the house thanks to pets, insects, leakages or residue accumulating at the bottom of your garbage bin.

The first sign that catches the attention of most people that there’s something wrong is when your wheelie bins are emitting that nauseating odour that reaches even your neighbors’ houses.  By this point, they may also be giving refuge to infectious and disease-causing bacteria that require credible cleaning agents able to kill 99% of the bacterial build up.

We know there’s better things for you to do on a Sunday arvo than attacking your bin with the garden hose and some detergent.

In order to properly address bin cleanliness issues our bin cleaning process includes sanitation, high pressure cleaning/washing, disinfecting and deodorising. We supply our own clean water on site and properly discharge waste water at an approved location. You won’t have anything to worry about aside from booking your bin in for a cleaning.

Commercial Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Are your commercial bins and bin areas becoming a potential health risk?  We understand the importance of health and safety issues in the workplace, particularly when it comes to waste management and hygiene control.  The solution is a reliable bin cleaning service that will regularly keep your commercial bins clean and odour-free.

Our professional wheelie bin cleaners will have your bins hygienically cleaned, disinfected and deodorized at your premises.  We specialize in cleaning commercial dumpsters with the use of powerful yet environmentally-friendly cleansers and disinfectants.  We offer a systematic service that keeps you on top of things.

If you are a hotel, caravan site, restaurant, fastfood outlet, school, hospital, supermarket or shopping centre and require proper, commercial wheelie bin cleaning, We Can Help.  If you wish to discuss a bin cleaning arrangement to suit your specific commercial needs we are happy to discuss with this you.