Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company

Here comes the Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man!

Almost as popular as the icecream man, the wheelie bin man is becoming a well known icon in the neighbourhood. Aside from the rest, our wheelie bin cleaning guys perform their service to the best of their ability with a focus on punctuality and friendliness. With our budget friendly prices, what more could you ask for?

Brush’n'Flush – The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company

We are a family owned and operated small bin cleaning business, providing a valuable service to our clients and to the community as a whole. We have been operating in Perth’s Northern Suburbs for almost 12 years, and in that time have achieved several small business awards. We have also built a loyal customer base of over 300 clients some of whom have been with us from our first year , both residential and commercial.  If you are living in Perth and are considering getting a bin cleaning service, feel free to get in touch with us.


We are a small family of 3 living in Greenwood.  We are satisifed with Brush’n'Flush as a green bin cleaning company and have been with them since 2003.  I no longer have to hold my nose when I open the bin lid… it’s common sense sanitation that I personnaly recommend to all families.  - Trevor Hoyle, Greenwood