Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service

Residential Bin Cleaning Service

Brushnflush Wheelie Bin Cleaners are not afraid of any grubby old household bins.  Our residential bin cleaning team are ready to tackle your wheelie bins in ANY condition.  In order to eradicate all traces of bacteria, bad odour and pests we use professional bin cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning fluids as opposed to just spraying the bin with a high pressure spray.  We bring our own water and catch and properly dispose of any dirty water and hard to remove rubbish.  This service also includes:

  • Attending your address on your rubbish collection day
  • Pressure cleaning your bin with a manual cleaner which enables us to effectively remove all foreign materials both inside and outside plus underneath.
  • Chamois drying by hand inside and outside plus both sides of the lid which dramatically reduces the return of Bacteria.
  • Generous application of “Glen 20” disinfectant
  • Generous application of “pure Citronella Oil “ to wheels on both sides and along axle, to reduce the return of the spider and crawling insects.
  • Bin is returned to its location away from the roadside
  • A green slip outlining our service and providing the next service date is also left in the mail box.
To organize a clean for your household bin in Perth, you can leave a message with us on this site or get in touch directly.  If you are a business entity, you may wish to check out our commercial wheelie bin cleaning service.